Kaepernick, Smollett & Kraft, Oh My!

February 22, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt in the wake of Colin Kaepernick settling his lawsuit with the NFL for an undisclosed amount. Then the guys talk briefly about Covington Catholic High School teenager Nicholas Sandmann suing The Washington Post for $250 million. For the remainder of the show, Adam asks Mark about the recent developments in Jussie Smollett’s seemingly self-orchestrated assault case, as well as Mark’s involvement with his legal defense team.

Bezos, Whitesell & F Me Money

February 15, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about the leaked intimate text messages between Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. This leads to them talking about Lauren’s ex-husband Patrick Whitesell whom she left for Bezos. After that they talk about the politicians recently getting into trouble for previously dressing in blackface, as well as the alleged attack on Jussie Smollett. Before they wrap, Adam and Mark talk about field sobriety tests and the latest on the Trump/Russia investigation.

Super Bowl Recap & Kaepernick Update

February 8, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about the now (but not then) past Super Bowl. This leads Adam to ask Mark about his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and how the lawsuit is going which leads Adam to talk about his experience battling patent trolls while Mark gives some insights on gag orders. Before they wrap, Adam circles back to some more Kaepernick questions for Mark and also asks briefly about the brutal attack on ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett.

Fyre Festival: Smash & Grab and Stuff The Turkey

February 1, 2019


Attorney Ben Meiselas joins Adam and Mark for this week’s episode of Take A Knee. The guys open the show talking about the recently released Fyre Festival Netflix documentary and the specifics of Ben’s work handling the class action lawsuit. The guys then discuss the recent arrest of Roger Stone and the motivations behind the highly publicized arrest. They also touch on the Mueller investigation and before they wrap, Mark and Ben talk about Colin Kaepernick and the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show.

Chris Brown Update, Weinstein’s New Dream Team & Fyre Docs Galore

January 25, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about how fast time flies, especially when you’re doing what you love. Then Adam asks Mark about the recent controversy surrounding the Covington High School kids getting into an altercation with some Native Americans. After that, Mark talks about Harvey Weinstein’s new lawyers after his former council Ben Brafman was let go. Before they wrap, Mark teases next week’s episode which will be focused on the infamous Fyre Festival failure and the documentaries that have been recently released about the ordeal.

Nobody’s Really Right & Nobody’s Really Wrong

January 18, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about the latest developments in the ongoing Mueller investigation. Then the guys discuss reports that Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer Ben Brafman will be soon departing the case and what the underly reasons may be. Before they wrap, Adam talks about what the ultimate punishment for wrongdoing really is and how it compares to financial punishment.

Put Me Down

January 12, 2019


Adam opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about the dental surgery he underwent earlier in the day. Then Adam asks Mark about Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault case in which he allegedly groped an off-duty male waiter in 2016. The guys continue to talk about sexual assault and the laws surrounding it. Before they wrap, Adam hypothetically asks Mark whether he’d rather represent Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein.

Like Bubba Gump

January 4, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about ways of encouraging young people to pursue what they’re interested in. They then turn to an in-depth discussion about a brand new case Mark took on, representing a security guard that fatally shot and killed a shoplifter at a Walgreens in Hollywood. The guys continue to get into the weeds about everything involving this case and others similar to it as well as discussing a disturbing trend that is changing the behavior of judges in our legal system.

You Shall Always Be Correct

December 21, 2018


At the top of the show, Adam has questions regarding updates on Michael Flynn. He and Mark go on to discuss the political divide in this country, and Mark talks further about redactions and possible treason. They also talk about the pros and cons of cooperating with the government, weird FBI policies, and Comey’s role in the investigation. Later they discuss the latest developments in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and the unwinding of the Trump Foundation. Adam then asks Mark if thinks Trump has any regrets about running for President. As the show wraps up, Adam and Mark discuss the NRA’s connection, how past administrations handled controversy, and Mark’s upcoming Christmas party.

Three Fingers In

December 15, 2018


Mark and Adam open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen getting 36 months in prison for fraud. Then the conversation turns to the latest on Harvey Weinstein’s most recent sexual assault trial. Later, Adam and Mark talk about Kevin Hart being disinvited from hosting the Oscars, as well as the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” causing controversy this holiday season. Before they wrap, Adam talks about how severely different people’s temperaments can alter how successful they become.