Maybe I Was Mistaken

November 11, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio this week and they open the show musing about the apparent happiness of their peers who have made different life choices than they did. They quickly move on to Elon Musk and the turmoil at his newly acquired company, Twitter. They also discuss the rapid and monumental all from grace of crypto exchange FTX and it’s founder Sam Bankman-Fried. As the show wraps up the discuss friend of the show Alan Dershowitz and others putting an end to their circular lawsuits against each other.

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Jaw on the Floor

November 4, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio and is delighted to have run into Armenia singer Serj Tankian from System of a Down who was on his way out after guesting on The Adam Carolla Show. The guys then turn to a CNN video on Covid conditions in China and Mark compares it to his clients at Tinhorn Flats. They also discuss the impending elections, explore why LA County may not follow the country at large at look at the future for Donald Trump and his close allies. As the show wraps up we hear why some are calling for a pandemic amnesty.

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Adverse Events

October 26, 2022


Mark joins Adam remotely from his New York offices and they open a video that has Mark very jealous. They also discuss some of the topics covered in recent gubernatorial debates and Mark helps us understand how they’ve been perverted. They also discuss Harvey Weinstein’s Los Angeles trial, recent comments about how Covid shutdowns likely impacted education and they watch video clips of both candidates running for Governor in Arizona.

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The Biggest Mistake I Made, Was I Apologized

October 21, 2022


Adam and Mark connect in studio to discuss the recently captured Stockton serial killer that has certain segment of social media losing their minds. They also discuss recent comments made by LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva as well as tweets from councilmen Mike Bonin regarding homelessness and possible solutions. The conversation then shifts to Kevin Spacey being found to be not liable in his sexual assault case and the latest on Steve Bannon’s sentencing that may end up being moot anyways. As the show wraps up Adam tell’s Mark about his Adam Carolla Show interview of Tony Bobulinski discussing the Biden Family Scandal.

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A Jury With Nowhere To Go

October 10, 2022


Adam and Mark reconvene to discuss the resignation this morning of Nury Martinez from her post as Los Angeles City Council President following the release of audio from a meeting where she is heard making racist remarks. They also discuss the efforts being made by former police officer Derek Chauvin to have his multiple state level convictions overturned as a result of the ‘poisoned’ jury that convicted him. As the show wraps up they discuss a politician from San Diego who has filed a curious lawsuit as well as moves being made by LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

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You Gotta Mix It Up & Fentanyl Fueled Fury

September 28, 2022


Adam is joined in studio by Mark ‘Hard Out’ Geragos and they open the show discussing a recent 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruling involving former President Trump’s lawsuit with writer. They also update on a story out of Los Angeles wherein the FBI seized the contents of hundreds of safety deposit boxes with dubious justification and as the show wraps up they cover another FBI raid that seems a little over the top.

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La Cañada Murder For Hire & The Ventura Boulevard Pooper

September 21, 2022


Adam and Mark reunite in studio and get right to a long list of stories. Starting with a wild murder for hire scheme from their supposedly sleepy La Cañada neighborhood that has been anything but sleepy as of late. They also give an update on the Sheila Kuehl saga and the continuing misleading reporting on the topic. They also watch some tape of a judge in the Nicholas Cruz case that’s gone viral in legal circles and Adam shares an anecdote about the FBI from his recent interview with Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano.

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Do Your Homework!

September 16, 2022


With a schedule conflict setting things on their head Mark is joined by Gary filling in for Adam who will be back early next week. Mark starts with a national story giving an update on the progress surrounding the FBI’s visit to Mar-a-Lago as he masterfully juxtaposes that story against a local Los Angeles story wherein Sheriff’s Investigators executed a search on various locations, including the home of Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

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A Lot of People I Just Want To Slap

September 6, 2022


Adam is joined in studio this week by Mark Geragos who comes in hot during a frustrating day of dealing with childish adults. They do a deep dive on the Trump ‘special master’ ruling and take a look at what some in the media are saying on the subject before turning to some Gavin Newsom shenanigans surrounding Labor Day.

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Yes, No & I Don’t Know

September 2, 2022


Mark Geragos joins Adam in studio this week and they open the show joined via phone by their good friend Dr. Drew Pinsky. They discuss the California Assembly bill AB 2098 and the horrible ramifications that it would impose on doctors as well as the misguided legal underpinnings on which it rests. Later they turn to a conversation from ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ as they break down the game film on a somewhat frustrating line of communication.

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