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Petito, Murdaugh & More

September 22, 2021


Mark and Adam link up mid-week to discuss the ongoing developments in the murder of Gabby Petito and her now missing former boyfriend Brian Laundrie. They also discuss Michael Sussman being indicted on a 1001 in perhaps the most detailed filing Mark has ever seen and give their thoughts on how that case will develop. The guys then circle back to talk a bit more about the Petito/Laundrie details before wrapping up the show exploring a new layer in the onion that is Alex Murdaugh’s unraveling.

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Look Into It, Bitch!

September 16, 2021


Adam and Mark reconnect for a jam packed episode including Mike August travel tales and much more. The guys also discuss Los Angeles’ Covid vaccine rules for bars and restaurants and the curious timing of their implementation and the possibility of booster shots. This leads to a larger discussion about natural immunity and the guys watch a clip of Dr. Fauci discussing the topic as well.

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Failure or Fraud?

September 9, 2021


Adam and Mark link up to cover a variety of topics including the latest in the Murdaugh case out of South Carolina and some bad facts emerging there. They also touch on opening statements in the case of Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes as Mark gives his thoughts on the strategy being used by her defense team. They also touch on the events of January 6th and some recent documents released that may show Dr. Fauci was untruthful when being questioned about gain of function research.

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Belt and Suspenders

September 4, 2021


Adam and Mark reconnect and start with the developments out of Texas and the Supreme Court electing not to get involved. They also discuss the updates out of Aurora in the death of Elijah McClain and the charges being brought against the police and first responders. As the show wraps up Adam asks Mark for his thoughts on Alexander Berenson’s fight against Twitter.

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Secure The Bag

August 21, 2021


Mark and Adam reunite and discuss the latest in the case of Trevor Bauer as Adam gives us some food for thought on a new kind of ‘assault’. They also discuss some accusations levied against gubernatorial hopeful Larry Elder by a former fiancĂ©, and Adam gives a passionate rant inspired by the news of Jeopardy’s new host being cancelled.

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Cuomo Craziness with Karen Agnifilo & Newsom’s Recall Dead Heat

August 5, 2021


This week Mark and Adam are joined by Geragos & Geragos associate Karen Agnifilo who has unique insight on the situation unfolding with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as a prediction on how his brother Chris may get pulled into the fray. They also discuss CNN’s lack of coverage on the Cuomo story, some internet confusion involving Jeffrey Toobin and they review a viral video involving an unruly airline passenger.

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ScarJo vs. Disney, Adam’s Not Comfortable & Cleveland Name Debacle

July 31, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show lamenting the time wasting that they both endure at the hands of other. They then dive in to the recent lawsuit filed by actress Scarlett Johansson against Disney over her backend profits on Black Widow and the legal posturing that has and will surely continue to follow. They also discuss comments made by NBA star Kyrie Irving regarding his new shoe, and as the show winds up they cover the horrifically mismanaged announcement of Cleveland’s Major League Baseball team.

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Whitmer, Ibrahim & Masks Return to LA

July 24, 2021


Adam and Mark link up and discuss 50th Birthday Parties, a former DEA agent who was present in Washington on January 6th who is now facing criminal charges as a result and the return of mask mandates in Los Angeles.

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Britney’s New Lawyer, Richard Sherman’s Trouble & Kavanaugh

July 17, 2021


Adam and Mark get together to discuss the shenanigans going on with Britney Spears successful attempt to get legal counsel of her own choosing and why the conservatorship exists in the first place. They also discuss the legal troubles of NFL superstar Richard Sherman who was arrested the day we recorded and talk a little Justice Kavanaugh after a name mixup.

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Garcetti to India, Social Media Lawsuits & Weinstein Update

July 10, 2021


Adam and Mark re-connect the weekend after Teny’s wedding and they discuss the glorious evening, before getting on the stories of the week. First they rejoice in the breaking news that Biden is officially sending Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be his ambassador to India. They also discuss Bill Cosby’s situation a week later, touch on Trump’s suing the social media giants and give and update on Harvey Weinstein’s situation.

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