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The Tale of Brian Banks

August 17, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about how much more advanced they thought we would be as a society by the year 2020. Then Adam asks Mark about the fallout from the Mueller Report and how some of the Republicans in congress are answering back against the Democrats. For the remainder of the show, Adam and Mark talk about the case of up-and-coming football star Brian Banks who was falsely accused of rape and spent years in jail because of it before being exonerated.


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Not Taco Bell HOTEL Material

August 10, 2019


For this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt Mark talks about his own V Palm Springs Hotel being turned into the Taco Bell Hotel and him not being allowed to set foot on the premises. This reminds Adam of a time Jimmy Kimmel was asked to be on a talk show and requested Adam come with him.


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Never Give Them What They Want

August 3, 2019


Adam and Mark open today’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about Kamala Harris not being a very progressive prosecutor and how that may come up in the upcoming election. Then Adam talks about when his kids were born, as well as some hot Mediterranean food takeout talk. After that the guys talk about how likely it is that Trump will be reelected President. Before they wrap Adam and Mark circle back to Kamal Harris and discuss the case of a seemingly innocent man who was accused of sexual assault by a pathological liar and got convicted and sent to San Quentin Prison for 70 years.


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Intense Mueller Breakdown, Franken in The New Yorker & Epstein Saved by the News Cycle

July 27, 2019


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt going over Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony with an emphasis on examining Texas Representative John Radcliffe’s line of questioning. Then the guys talk briefly about the potential resignation of US Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. After that Mark asks Adam about a New Yorker article about former Senator Al Franken, which leads to a longer conversation about due process. Before they wrap the guys talk about the latest on Harvey Weinstein.


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Muller to Testify, Thomas Homan Lays the Smackdown & Adam Travels to Antifa Country

July 20, 2019


Adam and Mark open up talking about the fact that as you listen to this episode Adam is in Antifa hotbed Portland, OR performing stand up comedy. This leads to a conversation about the practicality and legality surrounding people wearing masks to obscure their identity. The guys also touch on the Daniel Shaver story out of Mesa, AZ before the conversation turns to the impending testimony of special prosecutor Robert Mueller & the recent testimony of Thomas Homan and the grandstanding that went along with it. The conversation then turns to tech giants and the interesting role they are playing in today’s environment both in terms of censorship and government subsidies.


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Jeffrey ‘Flight’ Epstein, Mesa PD Takes Care of Their Own & Newsom on Sanctuary Cities

July 13, 2019


Adam and Mark open the show by diving right into the recent news about millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and the new charges that the Southern District of New York is trying to bring against him despite his Non Prosecution Agreement from the Southern District of Florida. The guys also touch on the future of the legal battles of both Kevin Spacey & Harvey Weinstein before turning to Mesa, Arizona for an update on the Daniel Shaver case we’ve been following for several months. As the show begins to wind down the guys turn their conversation to so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities’ and some of the recent comments made on the topic by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

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Journalist Andy Ngo & his attorney Harmeet Dhillon Guest

July 6, 2019


Adam and Mark open the show discussing the recent shooting of Eric Logan in South Bend, Indiana, a story that has gained national attention as it occurred in the town where Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is mayor. Adam also asks Mark about his client Colin Kaepernick and his involvement in the recent controversy surrounding a shoe that Nike decided not to release at Kaep’s urging. The guys then welcome in journalist Andy Ngo and his attorney (and former Reasonable Doubt guest) Harmeet Dhillon to discuss the recent assault that Andy suffered at the hands of violent Antifa protestors in Portland, OR.


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Alabama Manslaughter, Cosby’s Appeal & Democratic Debate Recap

July 1, 2019


Adam and Mark are back at it this week and they open the show strong with some discussion that is far from jejune. The conversation then turns to a recent story out of Alabama where a woman was shot during an altercation that caused her to lose the child she was pregnant with whom is now being prosecuted for manslaughter because she was the fight’s aggressor. The guys also touch on the rampant homelessness problem plaguing Los Angeles and give updates on both Bill Cosby & Harvey Weinstein’s legal situations.


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Stonewalling Hicks, Racist Biden & Oberlin Outrageousness

June 22, 2019


Mark opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about former White House Director of Communications Hope Hicks refusing to answer questions before Congress. Then the guys talk about various democrats attacking Joe Biden for comments he made about his willingness to work with the other side of the political aisle. After that the guys talk about an Ohio bakery being awarded a $44 Million judgement against Oberlin College.


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