Big Boy, Chauvin Rests & Harvey’s Extradition

April 17, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show discussing Adam’s recent trip on Big Boy and the steep fall from grace returning to Southwest the next day. They also give an update on the Chauvin trial as it comes to a close, review the state of Harvey Weinstein’s extradition and much news out of CNN and Project Veritas.

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SWAT at Tinhorn, ‘Spark of Life’ in Chauvin & Weinstein’s Appeal

April 10, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show discussing Mark’s ongoing legal battle regarding Tinhorn Flats in Burbank and Adam learns that something he assumed was a joke is far too real for comfort. They then give an update on the Derek Chauvin trial including a rare legal doctrine unique to Minnesota that will be used in the case and what it may mean for later appeals. As the show wraps up they discuss Harvey Weinstein’s appeal in New York and the merits of his extradition to face charges in Los Angeles.

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Chauvin Trial’s First Week, Arrest at Tinhorn & Molotov in NY

April 3, 2021


Adam and Mark do a through analysis of the first week of Derek Chauvin’s trial including Mark’s frustration with the Judge and one of George Floyd’s passengers pleading the 5th. They also discuss some legal “analysis” of the trial Adam saw on TV that had him frustrated before turning to a story out of New York where two lawyers are charged with torching an NYPD van with a Molotov Cocktail. As they wrap up, the conversation turns to Mark’s clients at Tinhorn Flats and the developments in that case.

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Chauvin Jury Fully Seated & DOJ Gets Chastised

March 27, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show this week discussing some of the developments in prosecuting those involved in the January 6th incident at the U.S. Capitol, including a judge reprimanding the Justice Department for talking to the press. The conversation then turns to the trial of Derek Chauvin, whose jury is now fully seated with opening statements in the case expected to being this Monday.

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Floyd 2019 Arrest Video In, Two Jurors Out

March 20, 2021


Adam and Mark do a deep dive on the latest developments in the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin case. They discuss a wide range of recent news from the trial including the dismissal of a few previously seated jurors, the judge’s decision to deny a postponement or change of venue and the judge’s allowing of body cam footage from a separate 2019 Floyd arrest in the Chauvin case and all the implications therein.

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Chauvin Jury Selection, Cuomo Accusers Mount & Biden’s 1st Address

March 13, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show discussing President Biden’s speech giving an update on Covid-19 and harken back to some of Mark’s favorite tweets from Adam. They then move into a detailed examination of the progress in selecting the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin. As the show winds down the close on the mounting number of people coming forward to accuse New York Governor Cuomo of sexual misconduct.

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Capitol Riots & Chauvin Trial Update with Paul Wagner

March 6, 2021


Adam and Mark open today’s show joined by veteran Washington D.C. journalist and host of ‘American Nightmare Season 2: Murder In a Safe Place’ Paul Wagner as they discuss the reporting of the Capitol riots. After bidding farewell to Paul the conversation on the riots continues as the guys review an interview given to 60 Minutes by one of the rioter’s mothers. The conversation then turns to an update on the impending trial of Derek Chauvin which begins jury selection Monday.

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Tinhorn Flats, Habeas Corpus Suspension & Chauvin Trial Update

February 27, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show discussing Mark’s client and Adam’s friend who owns Tinhorn Flats and is fighting against the city of Burbank trying to revoke their conditional use permit. They also discuss possible explanations for the variance in Covid numbers globally, the suspension of Habeas Corpus in America and before they wrap up they give an update on the impending trial of Derek Chauvin in Minnesota.

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Cruz, Cuomo, Newsom & Chauvin

February 20, 2021


The guys open the show discussing Ted Cruz’s trip to Mexico and which one of their wives friends would be most likely to leak group texts to the media in an optics based world. They also discuss the somewhat similar hot water that Governors Newsom & Cuomo find themselves in at the moment before moving on to an in-depth preview of the impending trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin who is charged with the murder of George Floyd.

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Impeachment Part 2, Fire Extinguishers & Cuomo’s Freeze

February 13, 2021


Adam and Mark open this week’s Reasonable Doubt by digging into Trump’s impeachment trial. Mark shares his opinion on the arguments that have been made thus far and Adam points out that attempting to impeach Trump over denying the election results may have unintended consequences. Next, the guys react to the comments made by Governor Cuomo’s top aide in which she admitted they withheld nursing home death numbers. They both agree that Cuomo is in trouble and that a cogent argument could be made that he was responsible for thousands of deaths. Lastly, the guys give an update on Capitol Police Officer Sicknick’s cause of death and get into how irresponsible news outlets were for running with the unsubstantiated claim that he was sustained blunt force trauma after being hit with a fire extinguisher.

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