La Cañada Murder For Hire & The Ventura Boulevard Pooper

September 21, 2022


Adam and Mark reunite in studio and get right to a long list of stories. Starting with a wild murder for hire scheme from their supposedly sleepy La Cañada neighborhood that has been anything but sleepy as of late. They also give an update on the Sheila Kuehl saga and the continuing misleading reporting on the topic. They also watch some tape of a judge in the Nicholas Cruz case that’s gone viral in legal circles and Adam shares an anecdote about the FBI from his recent interview with Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano.

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Do Your Homework!

September 16, 2022


With a schedule conflict setting things on their head Mark is joined by Gary filling in for Adam who will be back early next week. Mark starts with a national story giving an update on the progress surrounding the FBI’s visit to Mar-a-Lago as he masterfully juxtaposes that story against a local Los Angeles story wherein Sheriff’s Investigators executed a search on various locations, including the home of Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

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A Lot of People I Just Want To Slap

September 6, 2022


Adam is joined in studio this week by Mark Geragos who comes in hot during a frustrating day of dealing with childish adults. They do a deep dive on the Trump ‘special master’ ruling and take a look at what some in the media are saying on the subject before turning to some Gavin Newsom shenanigans surrounding Labor Day.

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Yes, No & I Don’t Know

September 2, 2022


Mark Geragos joins Adam in studio this week and they open the show joined via phone by their good friend Dr. Drew Pinsky. They discuss the California Assembly bill AB 2098 and the horrible ramifications that it would impose on doctors as well as the misguided legal underpinnings on which it rests. Later they turn to a conversation from ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ as they break down the game film on a somewhat frustrating line of communication.

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APB on Mark Geragos

August 24, 2022


We put out an All Points Bulletin on Mark Geragos who crossed the country to join us in studio as we talk a little 1960s television, using it as a lens to examine the changes in our legal system over time. We also discuss the deal struck by Paul Pelosi, a tragic case out of New York and the latest out of the saga that is Elon Musk v. Twitter. As the show wraps up we examine a case out of Orange County, CA that has the legal world ablaze.

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Heavyset Golfing Martyrs

August 11, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio this week thanks to a Covid related mistrial and they discuss the warrant executed at Mar-A-Lago in depth with Mark clearing up some misconceptions he has seen elsewhere in the media along the way. Mark also points out some wild coincidences when it comes to the date of the execution of the warrant and they give an update on a case from a recent BARD that has been rocking their La Cañada neighborhood with a tease for the next BARD baked right in.

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The Los Angeles Shadow Economy

August 2, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio and they kick off the show discussing a lawsuit from Brown Rudnick involving the parent company of PornHub and how Visa is in their crosshairs as well. Adam also shares a particularly harsh burn he suffered at Sonny’s hands and shares his experience performing with Blues Traveler. The conversation then turns to new book out from an LA Times on which Mark has strong negative thoughts and Adam gets an update on the Tinhorn Flats situation. As the show wraps up Adam & Mark get very fired up about the lawlessness plaguing Los Angeles.

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The Ministry of Truth

July 29, 2022


Adam and Mark connect via zoom and open the show discussing the insanity surrounding Mark’s episode with Drew landing them in hot water with YouTube. Adam also brings up a lawsuit alleging that the Biden administration colluded with big tech firms to scrub “disinformation” leading to a lager conversation about how that term has morphed drastically in a very short period of time.

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Presidential Covid and Masks Return to LA

July 21, 2022


Mark is joined this week by guest host Dr. Drew who is filling in for Adam who is off promoting his new book (available now!) and they start off with some of their personal history before moving on to the new of the day that President Biden has come down with Covid. They also discuss the return of the Los Angeles mask mandate despite impassioned comments by doctors at County USC Medical Center and touch on Governor Newsom’s fight against USC & UCLA’s bid to bring more tax dollars to Los Angeles by joining the Big12 Conference.

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Luxury Leases & Downtown Dangers

July 13, 2022


Mark joins Adam from his office in Downtown LA and they discuss so called ‘drone strikes’ that must be levied against those people who act against their own interests. They also discuss the latest from Elon Musk and why Mark finds the attorneys hired by each side to be so interesting. Mark also gives his firsthand account of the insanity in DTLA which recently received renewed publicity in the of Olympian Kim Glass being attacked there.

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