Alexandra Kazarian on SCOTUS, Fox + Dominion

April 21, 2023


Mark and Gary are joined by returning guest and good friend of the show Alexandra Kazarian to discuss a variety of stories including the recent settlement between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems as well as the breaking story that SCOTUS is preserving access to the controversial abortion pill Mifepristone.

The Lori Vallow Murder Trial + Montana Bans TikTok

April 14, 2023


Mark and Gary link up at the ‘finish line’ to discuss the craziness that is Downtown Los Angeles, the unfolding Lori Vallow case out of Idaho and how Idaho laws are flavoring that trial as well as new state law out of Montana that is aiming to ban TikTok.

KFA on Trump’s Indictment + Tina Glandian with a Tate Brothers Update

March 31, 2023


Mark Geragos and Gary Smith welcome returning guest Karen Freidman Agniflio to discuss the breaking news that an indictment of former President Donald Trump carrying possibly as many as 30 courts or more has been handed down. And they briefly check in with another returning guest in Tina Glandian to give a happy update about an international case we’ve been following

Sara Azari, Tina Glandian + Ben Meiselas

March 24, 2023


Mark welcomes back friends of the show and returning guests Sara Azari, Tina Glandian and Ben Meiselas to discuss a range of topics from the latest in the Murdaugh world, an update on Top G and Tina’s newest client as well as the litany of options various prosecutors have to come after former President Trump.

Bryan Bishop + Gina Grad

March 18, 2023


This week Mark and Gary are joined by Bryan Bishop and Gina Grad to announce their new venture ‘The Bryan and Gina Show’, The official podcast of Los Angeles Magazine. They also discuss the wide range of possibilities surrounding a potential indictment coming down on former President Donald Trump in the coming days.

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The Grand Jury Invitation

March 10, 2023


This week Mark is joined by returning guest and friend of the show Karen Friedman Agnifilo for her insights on a potential indictment of former President Trump. Later he is joined by attorney William Shipley to discuss the newly released footage concerning his client Jacob Chansley, more commonly known as the ‘QAnon Shaman’

SCOTUS Forgiveness + Murdaugh Closing

March 1, 2023


Mark and Adam link up once again with a surprise announcement at the top of the show before moving on to discuss SCOTUS’ questions surrounding student debt forgiveness and what they lead Mark to believe will come. Mark also gives an update on Tinhorn flats as he fights both the city of Burbank and Los Angeles County and as the show wraps up we watch some footage of the prosecution’s closing arguments in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial.

The Foreperson Media Tour

February 23, 2023


Mark joins Adam remotely from New York and they kick off the show reviewing some recent media appearances made by Emily Kohrs, foreperson of the grand jury investigating Donald Trump and his campaign in Georgia. They also cover a new story out of Arizona and give another update on the latest in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial.

Ejection Bucket

February 13, 2023


Mark and Adam reconnect in studio for the Best Hour or so in the Universe and they start the show by catching up on the respective Super Bowl experiences. Later, the guys do a deep dive on some of the testimony that came out in week 3 of the Alex Murdaugh trial in South Carolina. As the show wraps up they discuss some new evidence coming out of General Motors of all places, and Mark explains how it could be detrimental to the prosecution’s case.

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