The Laptop Letter, The Picture & The View

March 19, 2022


Mark and Adam connect in-studio for a wide ranging conversation about the week that was. After touching on The New York Times’ recent reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop they quickly move on to Mark showing Adam a picture that has been getting a lot of social media attention lately. As the show winds down Adam shows Mark a video he’s been enjoying from earlier this week involving The View hosts’ thoughts on the law.

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Too Much Talk or Too Little Talk

March 9, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio and they open the show discussing their nostalgia for shop class. They also discuss the current geopolitical situation and the advantages to having someone unpredictable in the mix on our side of things. Mark also reminisces on legendary legal figure Irving Kanarek and his knack for shaking things up. Mark also gives an update on his latest client Cain Velasquez’s situation and Adam asks both Mark & Gary to don their ‘Suspicious Lawyer Cap’.

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Jerry Lewis’ Deposition Prep & The Agar Memo

March 1, 2022


Adam and Mark connect in studio and discuss a wide variety of topics including the current situation in Ukraine, a newly released memo from the FBI general counsel that has Mark vexed, and more. As the show wraps up we turn to an unlikely instructor to illustrate Mark’s feelings on how to prepare for a deposition.

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Russia Invades Ukraine & New York Prosecutors Resign

February 26, 2022


Adam and Mark link up in studio and start the show joined by returning guest Karen Agnifilo for her take on the recent resignations of two prominent New York prosecutors. The conversation then turns to the backlash that many progressive prosecutors are facing from their constituents. We then turn to the international conflicts going on, and how some event timelines are not receiving the attention they may deserve.

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The Geragos’ V-Day Card & The Rust Animation

February 16, 2022


Adam and Mark link up for the second time in studio this week and open with some good natured ribbing from Adam about a card sent to him from The Geragos household. They then review the new animation produced for the lawsuit against Alec Baldwin and the ‘Rust’ production, and finally discuss more shakeups coming to the executives at CNN.

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Palin Trial Updates, Trucker Coverage & Trump’s Toilet

February 12, 2022


Adam and Mark connect in studio and open the show watching a clip of Russell Brand commenting on some labeling him right wing. They go on to discuss the coverage of the Canadian truckers as well as a fantastic story on CNN regarding former President Trump’s bathroom habits. As the show wraps up they discuss California’s intention to lift the mask mandate and why the date they’ve chosen is a little fishy.

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We’re On To You

February 3, 2022


Adam and Mark link up to discuss some of the recent comments surrounding masks during the Super Bowl at SoFi and the insanity coming along for the ride. They also discuss Sarah Palin’s ongoing defamation case against The New York Times, artists revolting against Spotify because of Joe Rogan and more.

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SCOTUS, Masks at SoFi & Harris on Covid

January 29, 2022


Adam and Mark open the show discussing the potential front runners to replace Supreme Court Justice Breyer who announced this week that he would step down at the end of the court’s current term this summer. They also discuss the recent mandate by LA County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer concerning masks during the Super Bowl and potential fines for not properly wearing them. As the show wraps up the guys watch video of some of Vice President Harris’ ‘non-answer answers’ as Mark gives the legal analysis of how he would feel if he was a lawyer representing her.

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Gangs, Trains & Automobiles

January 22, 2022


Adam and Mark link up in studio and start the show off reminiscing about some of their recent social media posts. They also review some footage Mark found of Governor Newsom speaking and Adam reveals a different edit of the remarks. They also discuss the recently failed recall of Venice’s City Council Representative Mike Bonin and an apology from a judge featured recently on ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ out of Michigan.

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Adam Carolla – Opening Up The Issues

January 13, 2022


Adam and Mark link up in-studio and open with some complimentary words for Adam from an attorney friend of Mark’s. We then dive head first into some of the breaking news coming out of the January 6th committee and the new questions raised as a result. Before we wrap Mark gives yet another update in the Maxwell case and the Juror who seemingly screwed up the verdict.

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