Mayor Konstantine

February 7, 2023


Adam and Mark link up in studio for the Best Hour (or so) in the Universe and they open the show discussing a recent visit Adam got at a live show from a member of the family who owned Tinhorn Flats. They go on to recount Adam’s battle with the city of La CaƱada over a drain that he built to alleviate flooding for himself and those around him and they examine a video of Alex Murdaugh’s best friend testifying against him in court. As the show wraps up Adam goes deep on tie rods.

Ideological Dome

February 3, 2023


Adam and Mark open the show harkening back to some clips of old that longtime listeners may have heard before to set up a conversation about this week’s news that Hunter Biden’s laptop is, in fact, a real thing that he wants protected. Adam also highlights an aspect of the story that always confuses him as a result of similar names, and more.

Injunctions, Murdaugh + Body Cam Footage Incoming

January 26, 2023


Adam and Mark connect remotely to discuss a variety of cases that have been in the news lately including the recent preliminary injunction being granted to block California’s AB 2098, the latest out of the Alex Murdaugh murder trial in South Carolina, news of impending body cam footage in the Paul Pelosi case and more.

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Accent Hour

January 17, 2023


Adam and Mark link up remotely as Mark joins from his NYC office and they first dive into the ‘Massachusetts Mom Murder’ that has been in the news as of late. They also discuss new developments in the Idaho murders as Mark points out some unusual steps taken in the case. Later they discuss the latest on classified documents being found three separate times in the possession of President Biden and as the show wraps up talk about a legal case facing Elon Musk in Northern California.

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Potholes + A-Holes

January 13, 2023


Adam and Mark link up for their first proper Reasonable Doubt of the new year with Mark in New York. They discuss Harmeet Dillon’s run to chair the RNC and the smear campaigns being waged by her opponents. They also discuss the varying quality of Los Angeles roads, the hypocrisy surrounding classified documents by both parties and Adam’s skepticism that the DOJ will come anywhere near the Daniel Shaver case.

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SBF Arrest + Harvey Day 7

December 13, 2022


Mark and Adam link up remotely for the final official Reasonable Doubt of the year and they kick off the show discussing the arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried and what it likely indicates about the case. They also discuss the unusual length of the deliberations by Harvey Weinstein’s LA jury and the possible implications for him. As the show wraps up Mark tells Adam about an Olive Garden employee that Adam is delighted with and Adam laments his boy Sonny failing his written driving test.

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The Twitter Files – Part 2

December 9, 2022


Adam and Mark connect this week and come out of the gate firing about all the developments in the so called ‘Twitter Files’ being reported by Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss and beyond. Adam also gets an update on Tinhorn Flats as Mark prepares for depositions and gives an update on the resolution of the Daniel Shaver settlement. They also discuss Hertz settling with clients they wrongfully accused of stealing cars and review a few cases soon to be heard by SCOTUS.

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I Need Some Meat On This Bone

December 2, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio this week and they open up discussing the taped conversation between many LA City Council members that was leaked recently and how it relates to Mark in a ‘not since..’ kinda way. They also discuss the Casey Anthony media buzz going on right now as well as Danny Masterson’s mistrial being declared. As the show wraps up the guys discuss a breaking story that Elon Musk is tweeting his is about to reveal what really happened at Twitter surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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It Should Be A No!

November 22, 2022


Mark and Adam link up for an early big show this week and they come out of the gate with Adam asking for a Paul Pelosi update. They quickly pivot to the news that Mark’s firm is representing Nicholas Joseph Gutierrez who drove his car into a group of police recruits after apparently falling asleep at the wheel. Adam also shares a clip of FBI Director Christopher Wray being grilled by Lousiana Representative Clay Higgins about January 6th. As the show wraps up the guys touch on the sentence of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and the news that Jen Psaki will be compelled to testify about the Biden Administration colluding with big tech surrounding Covid.

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No Walking In Waco

November 18, 2022


Mark and Adam link up remotely and they open with an update from last week’s episode on all the notable trials unfolding on the ninth floor of the LA courthouse. Next they cover a disturbing story involving a mother and her child out of Texas and reveal new developments out of Trump World involving the Mar-a-Lago document seizure. Later Adam plays a video of Jim Jordan and James Comer announcing their investigation into the Biden family. As the show wraps up Adam laments the choices Los Angeles made in the recent election and Mark gives a big tease about some insight into the Paul Pelosi situation that he can share next week.

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