Pretend To Work Somewhere Else

June 2, 2022


Adam and Mark connect for the first time in several days and they cover a lot of ground. After starting with the surprising verdict in the Depp/Heard trial they quickly transition into Colin Kaepernick’s recent tryout with the Las Vegas Raiders. They also cover the verdict that came down in the Sussmann trial since they last talked and they discuss Elon Musk’s recent email to Tesla employees urging their return to in person work. As the show wraps up Mark outlines why he is very interested in both the Los Angeles Mayoral race as well as the race for LA County Sheriff.

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Ara is from a Different Era

May 24, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio this week to discuss a variety of topics starting with some quick thinking out of Adam’s young boy Sonny. They also discuss the latest in the Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial including some strange behavior out of a recent witness. They also give an update on the trail of Michael Sussmann and some of the questions being levied against FBI agents there. Finally Mark brings some light to a trial that is flying under the radar that will pit Billy Cosby against Gloria Allred in a Santa Monica courtroom as Mark shares an interesting hypothetical.

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Give Me The Final Word & I’ll Win The Case

May 19, 2022


Mark joins Adam in studio this week to discuss racing liveries, new footage out from Project Veritas regarding Twitter employees thoughts about their employer & co-workers. They also discuss a strange situation in a California central district case where the judge recused themselves for a very unusual reason. As the show wraps up Mark gives Adam his thoughts on the future of the Sussmann case and they touch on ‘rich guy shirts’.

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The Death of Irony

May 13, 2022


Mark and Adam connect remotely and they each come loaded with discussion topics starting with an Anderson Cooper 360 clip that he brought with him. They then discuss a recent video released by Project Veritas that has an FBI insider admitting that Project Veritas is being politically targeted. And as the show wraps up we bring it back to laughter with a short clip from the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial.

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Leaky SCOTUS, Bowling with Dave Chappelle & Tinhorn Lives On

May 4, 2022


Adam and Mark get together midweek in studio to discuss the craziness at Dave Chappelle’s Hollywood Bowl show as well as the leaks coming from SCOTUS. Adam also asks Mark for an update on the Tinhorn Flats case that we’ve been following here on Reasonable Doubt for over two years.

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Depp Trial Comedy & Rust Footage Leaks

April 29, 2022


Adam and Mark connect in studio and briefly touch on Adam’s race weekend before moving into a discussion about footage released surrounding the Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ tragedy. They also discuss the political hot potato that George Gasc√≥n has become in the hotly contested LA Mayor’s race and tease an update on both the Tinhorn Flats case as well as the Alex Murdaugh investigation.

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Everyone Always Downgrades Everything

April 20, 2022


Adam and Mark link up for an early ‘Best Hour in the Universe’ as Adam prepares to go race as a pro at historic Laguna Seca. Mark also tells Adam about a new story to Reasonable Doubt involving celebrity defense attorney Jose Baez prevailing and securing 14 acquittals to murder charges his client was facing. They also look at a crazy article from the LA Times on homelessness, give a quick update on the Johnny Depp case and review and OSHA report out of New Mexico regarding the tragedy involving Alec Baldwin’s film ‘Rust’.

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Cain, Buffalo Protestor & Depp v. Heard

April 14, 2022


Mark and Adam link up in studio to discuss Mark’s recent trip to San Jose to see his client Cain Velasquez and an update on his case. Then they turn to an update to a story from a few years back about a protestor in Buffalo who had a run in with police. Finally they turn to the defamation case being brought by Johnny Depp against his ex-wife Amber Heard as Mark marvels at the spectacle it has become after only two days.

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Sheriff Alex Villanueva

April 5, 2022


Adam and Mark connect in studio and are joined by Los Angeles Country Sheriff Alex Villanueva as he describes the war he is fighting with his hometown paper of record to report positively on the Sheriff’s Department. They also cover the appeal in the case of Oberlin College and they cover a new legal story out of Northern California.

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Just Write Me A Check

April 1, 2022


Adam and Mark link up to discuss the week’s news including the potential legal implications for Will Smith considering Chris Rock’s reported desire to not press charges. They also explore a new story out of Tennessee where a nurse was recently convicted of a crime with dubious circumstances abound. As the show wraps up they discuss the difficulties of using a teleprompter as they explain that some are inherently better at it than others.

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