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Venice Boardwalk, CA Travel Ban & Spa Madness

July 3, 2021


Adam and Mark re-connect in advance of Teny’s big day in the moments before Adam leaves for his Alaskan adventure. They begin by discussing football coach Mike Leach’s thoughts on marriage before turning the discussion to the insanity unfolding on the Venice Beach boardwalk. They also discuss a new expansion of the list of states that California is prohibiting people to travel to and as the show wraps up they review a viral video coming out of a California spa.

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Chauvin Sentenced, SCOTUS Unity & It’s Britney, Bitch

June 26, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show discussing the impending marriage of Mark’s daughter Teny and Adam’s failed attempt to get her a gift. They then pivot into the breaking news as we recorded that Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 22.5 years behind bars…so far. We also discuss some of the news coming out of the Supreme Court and as the show wraps up Mark gives his passionate thoughts surrounding the Britney Spears conservatorship case.

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Fauci Redactions & South Carolina Scandal

June 19, 2021


Adam and Mark reconnect this week and open the show discussing some of the redacted emails between Anthony Fauci and Mark Zuckerberg and why those redactions may have been made. They also discuss how some of Facebook’s actions had broad implications in our political process and Adam asks Mark at what point these moves must be viewed as political contributions. They also dive into a story that was teased on ‘Beyond A Reasonable Doubt’ about a politically powerful family in South Carolina that faced tragedy and has been thrust into the limelight.

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James O’Keefe

June 12, 2021


Adam and Mark are joined by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. They discuss the origins of James’ organization and drill down specifically on some of the litigation that James & Project Veritas are engaged in with both Twitter and the New York Times. They also discuss the growing distrust with major media outlets and both James and Mark give their predictions on the outcome of Project Veritas’ New York Times lawsuit.

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Trump’s Coming Back, ‘Cult Mom’ & Scott Peterson Update

June 1, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show with some news out of the Trump camp that Mark finds diabolical before moving on to the story of ‘Cult Mom’ and what her legal future may look like in a variety of jurisdictions. As the show wraps up we get an update on the Scott Peterson case and a preview of how a new trial might differ from the original.

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Tinhorn Goes Federal, Verdict in Tibbetts & Farewell Garcetti

May 29, 2021


Mark gives Adam an update on the situation with Tinhorn Flats, breaking some news in the process before the conversation moves towards the Mollie Tibbetts verdict news. They also discuss LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new role as ambassador to India and a new lawsuit against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

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The Wedding, Wuhan Lab & Trump Org Turns Criminal

May 22, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show discussing the impending wedding of Mark’s daughter Teny and the extreme costs associated with the affair. They then turn to an Adam hypothetical as they examine from a legal standpoint what liability China may be exposed to should it come out that Covid originated as a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. As the show wraps up the conversation turns to the expanded investigation into the Trump Organization that the NY AG confirmed this week had expanded beyond a civil investigation to now include a criminal investigation as well.

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Covid Pardons & Mark’s Crystal Brain

May 15, 2021


Mark & Adam open the show discussing recent comments made by Florida governor Ron DeSantis regarding Covid legal sanctions in his state and they opine on the possibility of a similar move from Gavin Newsom. Later they review the game film of Mark’s ‘Crystal Brain’ prediction that the state court would delay their trial to allow for the Federal case against the George Floyd officers to proceed. As the show wraps up they turn to other aspects of the Floyd officer’s case, specifically allegations made by the defense that the medical examiner was improperly influenced.

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Giuliani Unfolds & The Other George Floyd Officers

May 6, 2021


Marks joins Adam from the National Trial Lawyers Summit in Miami to discuss the unfolding developments surrounding Rudy Giuliani including an update on Adam’s conspiracy theory. They also discuss the punishments being handed out those violently protesting, and Adam gives Mark a hypothetical on what he would do if he had to defend one of the other three officers involved in the George Floyd arrest.

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Don’t Tinker with Tinker & Rudy’s Devices

May 1, 2021


Adam and Mark open the show covering a free speech case that has reached the Supreme Court surrounding off-campus speech that is punished by a high school and the possibly far reaching implications therein. They then move on to an in-depth analysis of the warrants served on both Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing and how they relate to both the election & the current Presidential administration. Before they wrap Mark gives Adam an update on the situation at Tinhorn Flats Bar & Grill in Burbank.

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