Live Town Hall – Off The Reservation

July 21, 2017


Adam and Mark are live for the first ever Reasonable Doubt Town Hall from the beautiful 10e restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. The show kicks off with some discussion about the recently announced news that O.J. Simpson was paroled and will be released in the coming months. The guys then turn to the audience and take a variety of questions from fans in attendance including questions about Los Angeles’ homeless problem, the potential Olympics coming to our city in the coming years and some of the more insane PSA’s and bumper stickers adorning our city. Before they wrap up one lucky fan wins a sizable gift certificate thanks to our friends at Exotic Car Rentals of DTLA.

The PAT Meter

July 14, 2017


Adam and Mark open the show with a question posed to Mark through his Geragos & Geragos law firm website regarding long sentences correlating with falling crime rates. They also touch on some of the hate that Floyd Mayweather has been getting that the guys feel is misguided for numerous reasons and how they would like the general attitude towards earners to shift to a more positive direction. The guys also play some recent comments from Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney and how those comments were perceived versus what words were actually said. As the show wraps up Mark brings up the recent outrage that there has been in the media about what other clients Donald Trump Jr.’s new lawyer has represented.

Bad Facts Make Bad Laws

July 7, 2017


Adam opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about his upcoming Willy T. Ribbs documentary, including some surprising influences from Caitlyn Jenner and Bill Cosby. Then Mark calls back a topic from last week in which the guys briefly discussed the Supreme Court hearing the case of a cake “artist” who refused to sell his cakes to a gay customer due to his religious beliefs. After that, the guys continue another conversation from last week on why Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch met on a private plane last year during the election while Hilary was under investigation.

Giglio Law

June 30, 2017


Adam and Mark open this week’s Reasonable Doubt talking about extended bachelor parties and how Mark got arrested while he was on his. After that, Adam asks Mark about the difference between hiring a well known attorney vs a public defender based off the Bill Cosby trial. This leads to talks on the current jury selection in the case against Martin Shkreli, better known as the “Pharma Bro”. Before they wrap, Adam asks Mark about Bernie Sanders’ wife being looked at for defrauding a bank while serving as President of the now-defunct Burlington College.


June 23, 2017


Mark phones in from Rhode Island for this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt. Mark opens the show discussing his CNN appearance regarding Bill Cosby’s trial alongside Gloria Allred. Then the guys go over the acquittal of officer Jeronimo Yanez in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile. After that, Adam asks Mark about a new $12 Billion class action lawsuit he recently filed against Century Link. Before they wrap, Mark teases his involvement with the Big 3 Basketball league.

Dry Ice Rentals

June 16, 2017


Mark phones in from Rhode Island for today’s episode and he opens the show asking Adam about his thoughts on the most recent developments in the Bill Cosby trial. Then the guys continue to talk about the ongoing investigation into Donald Trump, and the rest of his initial cabinet about some of their possible ties to Russia. After that, Adam asks Mark about Chris Brown’s new documentary and what it was like for Mark to be a part of it. As the show winds down, Adam tells Mark about the documentary he’s crowdfunding with Dennis Prager called “No Safe Spaces”. visit to check it out and donate to help make the movie.

The Parsley

June 9, 2017


Adam and Mark open the show discussing Chris Brown’s upcoming documentary before dovetailing into a more general conversation about the legality of paparazzi profiting off the images and likeness of celebrities. They then discuss the start of the jury selection and trial of Bill Cosby and the change of venue that occurred in the case. This leads to some more in depth talk about the Cosby trial. After that, Mark asks for Adams thoughts on 3 former Penn State officials getting sentenced to jail over their cover up of Jerry Sandusky, as well as the recent Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin’s controversies. Before they wrap, Adam asks Mark about the stigma behind hiring high profile celebrity defense attorneys.

You’re Not That Good

June 2, 2017


Mark is back in studio for this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt! Adam and Mark open the show discussing an old Diet Coke can that was left in the freezer at the shop and almost exploded. Then Mark asks for Adam’s opinion on the most recent developments in the Trump/Russia investigation. After that the guys talk about Kathy Griffin’s comedy stunt of holding up a fake, bloody severed head of Donald Trump.

Sexual Assault House

May 26, 2017


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about employees being able to accurately take orders and follow up on them. Then the guys pick up from the end of last weeks episode regarding Robert Mueller being appointed special prosecutor in the Trump/Russia investigation. This leads to a conversation on people who become pariahs due to something they said or were involved in, including Billy Bush after getting caught on a hot mic with Donald trump in the infamous “Grab Them by The Pussy” audio.

Former Special Prosecutor

May 19, 2017


Mark phones in from Ohio for this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt. Adam opens the show asking Mark about his opinions on James Comey’s memo stating that Trump had asked him to stop investigating General Michael Flynn. Then the guys talk about their disdain for politicians trying to scold the public, which leads to a longer conversation on California Representative Maxine Waters. Later the guys talk about the current education system and unfair treatment toward various teachers. Before they wrap, the guys come full circle to talk more about the Russia Investigation including the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor in the case.