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We’re On To You

February 3, 2022


Adam and Mark link up to discuss some of the recent comments surrounding masks during the Super Bowl at SoFi and the insanity coming along for the ride. They also discuss Sarah Palin’s ongoing defamation case against The New York Times, artists revolting against Spotify because of Joe Rogan and more.

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SCOTUS, Masks at SoFi & Harris on Covid

January 29, 2022


Adam and Mark open the show discussing the potential front runners to replace Supreme Court Justice Breyer who announced this week that he would step down at the end of the court’s current term this summer. They also discuss the recent mandate by LA County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer concerning masks during the Super Bowl and potential fines for not properly wearing them. As the show wraps up the guys watch video of some of Vice President Harris’ ‘non-answer answers’ as Mark gives the legal analysis of how he would feel if he was a lawyer representing her.

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Gangs, Trains & Automobiles

January 22, 2022


Adam and Mark link up in studio and start the show off reminiscing about some of their recent social media posts. They also review some footage Mark found of Governor Newsom speaking and Adam reveals a different edit of the remarks. They also discuss the recently failed recall of Venice’s City Council Representative Mike Bonin and an apology from a judge featured recently on ‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ out of Michigan.

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Adam Carolla – Opening Up The Issues

January 13, 2022


Adam and Mark link up in-studio and open with some complimentary words for Adam from an attorney friend of Mark’s. We then dive head first into some of the breaking news coming out of the January 6th committee and the new questions raised as a result. Before we wrap Mark gives yet another update in the Maxwell case and the Juror who seemingly screwed up the verdict.

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SCOTUS Talks OSHA, Cat Juror & Ted Cruz Gets Served

January 8, 2022


Adam and Mark connect for the first big show of 2022 and they cover a lot of ground. After a quick update on the situation with Tinhorn Flats the guys dive into the arguments made before the Supreme Court in regards to the Biden Administration’s mask mandates. They also discuss the recent developments in the Ghislaine Maxwell case and what may happen after a juror made some troubling comments to a British media outlet. As the show wraps up the guys discuss a recent contentious interview between Tucker Carlson & Ted Cruz.

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The Juries Are Out & CNN’s New Take on Covid

December 21, 2021


Mark & Adam connect in studio for an early Christmas ‘Best Hour In The Universe’, opening with the news that two juries are now deliberating in cases we are watching closely. They go on to discuss some of the insane names being hurled at Elon Musk and trade videos highlighting the insanity going on at CNN both today and in the not so distant pass. As the show wraps up Adam asks Mark for an update on the situation at Tinhorn Flats in Burbank.

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Weinstein’s Path to Freedom & Kim Potter’s Testimony

December 18, 2021


Adam and Mark link up in studio to catch up after a long week and they dive right in to Harvey Weinstein’s appeal in New York and how it could possibly lead to his freedom, at least for a time. They also discuss Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent photo opportunity painting over graffiti along a Southern California freeway. As the show wraps up, they explore the developments in the trial of former police officer Kimberly Potter who is charged with manslaughter in the death of motorist Daunte Wright.

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Mark’s Smollett Breakdown & Streaming Comedians

December 11, 2021


Mark joins Adam from his office in New York for the first time since the Jussie Smollett verdict came down. After Mark gives his in depth analysis of the entire timeline they also review some comments made by Don Lemon after the verdict. Later they are joined by Word Collection’s Jeff Price to discuss why many major streaming outlets have recently taken down comedian’s albums from their services.

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Learjet Liberals, Baldwin Analysis & Bad Facts

December 4, 2021


Adam and Mark link up in studio and jump out of the gate discussing the recent interview Alec Baldwin granted to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos as Mark gives his thoughts from an attorney’s viewpoint. They also discuss the recent developments in the SCOTUS case after hearing some of the arguments being made by Justice Kavanaugh from the bench. As the show wraps up they discuss the tragic school shooting case out of Michigan and the charges being brought against the shooter’s parents.

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Arbery Verdicts, Kevin Strickland & Kyle Rittenhouse’s Future

November 24, 2021


Mark Geragos joins Adam in studio for a special Wednesday ‘Best Hour In The Universe’ as they record moments after the guilty verdicts came down for all three accused in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. They also discuss a case that hasn’t been getting media coverage despite the absurd facts of the case and give some further analysis on the situation facing Kyle Rittenhouse today and in the coming weeks & months.

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