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Tax Evasion, Kavanaugh & More

September 21, 2018


Mark opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about Yin-Yang contracts which are used for tax evasion schemes in China. Then the guys get into the latest on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his alleged sexual assault that occurred in his high school years. After that, Adam asks Mark about Paul Manafort agreeing to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller. As the show winds down, Adam and Mark talk about paying taxes.

Whiskey And Weed Is A Lethal Combination

September 14, 2018


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode talking about Donald Trump and a recent New York Times op-ed written anonymously by a member of the Trump Administration. They also discuss Elon Musk’s controversial appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast including his use of marijuana on camera. Later, Adam asks Mark about the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Bret Kavanaugh and the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned and how such a ruling would manifest itself in each individual state.

Stand For Something

September 7, 2018


Adam opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt asking Mark about the latest on Colin Kaepernick’s lawsuit against the NFL and his groundbreaking new contract as the face of Nike’s 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign. Later the guys discuss Roy Moore suing Sasha Baron Cohen for 95 million dollars relating to Moore’s appearance on Showtime’s ‘Who Is America’. This leads to longer conversation about releases, contracts, and just how enforceable they are.

Kaepernick FTW

August 31, 2018


This week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt opens with the guys recapping Adam’s recent race weekend and a mutual lamenting of the insane amount of paperwork involved in cosigning a home loan. Later Adam tells Mark about a recent boat trip he took with a Staples Center executive and the discussion turns to the dreadful state of the city of Los Angeles and the disgusting way that the government has evolved into treating taxpayers as sources of income.

ESPNo Anthems

August 17, 2018


Mark and Adam are back for another Reasonable Doubt. The guys first talk about the jury deliberations in the upcoming Paul Manafort trial and then segue into the controversial security clearances. The guys then get into John Elway’s comments on the National Anthem controversy. Adam and Mark then talk about whether or not all teams are going to follow the Cowboys in firing players who don’t stand and ESPN’s solution to the whole thing. The guys then get back into the collusion issue and the Steele dossier. They then talk about the bummer that is Dolores Taylor and how her sentiment echoes that of the Democrats. The guys then talk about the Mueller investigation and how it could result in an impeachment for Trump.


August 10, 2018


Mark opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about a recent news story in which a congressman was charged with insider trading. Then the guys get into the on going Paul Manafort trial. After that, Adam asks Mark about Senator Diane Feinstein having a known Chinese spy working for her and driving her around for 20 years. Before they wrap, Adam asks Mark what Rudy Giuliani should say to Donald Trump when he sits down with Robert Mueller.

Pay Your Fair Share

August 3, 2018


Mark and Adam open the show by diving in to the newly started Paul Manafort trial, examining reactions from both sides of the aisle and trying to compare the case to other high profile cases with similar circumstances using Wesley Snipes as an example. The guys also discuss the insane complexity of the tax regulations and how hard a business owner has to work to simply follow the guidelines and stay within the law.

F. Me Money Esq.

July 27, 2018


Mark opens up this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt in-studio giving some updates on the new NFL Anthem policy. Then Adam asks Mark about the recorded Trump/Cohen conversations and the legality behind them. After that, Mark talks about some more lawsuits coming Trumps way, before they wrap, Adam asks Mark about lifting security clearances.

I Bundle…And Save

July 20, 2018


Mark Geragos returns to the studio for this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking to Adam about SCOTUS’s recent decision not to review a case wherein the jury was clearly homophobic and the gay defendant was sentenced to death. Then the guys talk about the recent news surrounding the Las Vegas massacre and MGM’s attempts to shield themselves from liability. For the remainder of the show, Adam and Mark discuss the recent comings and goings in the world of politics.