On The Road With Kaep

April 14, 2018


Adam opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt asking Mark about the difference between civil and criminal cases. Then Mark talks about the FBI raiding the offices of President Trump’s long time attorney Michael Cohen. After that the guys talk about the jury selection in Bill Cosby’s retrial. Before they wrap, Adam talks about having the same conversations over and over again without them getting it.

National Disaster Zone

April 6, 2018


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about people with low vs high energy. Then Mark asks for Adam’s opinion about a woman sentenced to 5 years in jail for voting illegally. After that, Adam talks to Mark about how thinks Los Angeles should be declared a national disaster zone due to the incredibly high homeless population. Before they wrap, Adam and mark continue a conversation from last week about Stormy Daniels and her lawyer going after Trump.

Linda Moreno

March 30, 2018


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about Dennis Prager’s lawsuit against Google being dismissed. Then the guys get into the latest on Stormy Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview and her lawsuit against President Trump. After that, criminal defense attorney Linda Moreno calls in to talk about getting her client, Noor Salman, wife of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooter, acquitted. Before they wrap, Mark asks for Adam’s take on multiple lawyers turning down Donald Trump for representation.

Christopher Darden Returns

March 23, 2018


Attorney Christopher Darden joins Adam and Mark for this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt. The guys open the shows asking Chris about a recently released interview between his former defendant O. J. Simpson and producer Judith Regan. Adam continues to ask Chris about everything involving O. J. Simpson and the trial from back in the day to it’s implications today. Before they wrap the guys talk about whose wife is the most pissed at their husbands, as well as how terrible retrials can be.

The End Game

March 16, 2018


Mark opens this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about arraigning Suge Knight’s lawyer, as well as attorney/client privilege. Then Mark asks Adam about his thoughts on the recent developments in porn star Stormy Daniel’s lawsuit against President Trump. After that the guys discuss the recent news of Donald Trump Jr’s wife filing for divorce. Before they wrap, Adam and Mark talk about the possible 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, as well as a deadly hit and run in Denver involving an illegal alien on the run from ICE.

Sanitation Engineers & Fresno Pimp Hand

March 9, 2018


Mark and begin the show by chatting about the case between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. Ace and Mark chat about the CEO of Google axing people who don’t agree with him and the arrogance that comes with living in an echo chamber. Ace then saddens Mark by playing a clip from Garcetti’s interview with Seth Meyers about the homeless problem in Los Angeles. Mark and Ace wrap the show by talking about the case of Suge Knight and chat this week in Russia.

Sanctimonious Bullshit

March 2, 2018


Mark opens the show talking about the indictment of one of his clients over gun purchases. Adam and Mark then chat about the asshole cops of Burbank who do more dangerous things to give out tickets than the offensive itself. Mark then touches on why he would never want to be a judge. Ace and Mark then chat about the danger that comedians are under in the current climate and about the current controversy surrounding Ryan Seacrest. Geragos then asks Ace what the bulk of the jokes will be and how a monologue is easy as pie for Kimmel now. They also discuss the last minute changes that occur before Jimmy takes the stage. Ace and Mark then discusses the resignation of Hope Hicks and what the Russia investigation is doing to Trump’s White House. They round out the conversation about the controversy surrounding the Arizona Basketball program’s violation of NCAA regulations.

I Would Not Call The Fire Department

February 23, 2018


Mark Geragos calls in from New York for this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt. Adam opens the show asking Mark about some of his cases he’s been working on lately. Then Adam gets into a discussion about having nightmare neighbors. After that, Adam asks Mark about the most recent developments in the investigation toward Trump regarding Russia’s alleged election meddling. Before they wrap, Adam and Mark talk about the armed resource officer who never entered the Florida school when an expelled student went on a shooting rampage killing 17 people.

Fantastic Fig

February 18, 2018


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about how times have changed in terms of what kind of language is acceptable to use in society. Then Adam tells a story of getting one of his vehicles towed in LA and having to spend the entire day trying to get it back. After that, Mark talks about the most recent updates in the FBI/Russia Investigation in which Robert Mueller hands down indictments to 13 individuals. For the rest of the show, Adam and Mark talk more in depth about the Russia investigation.

On Retainer

February 9, 2018


Adam and Mark open this week’s episode of Reasonable Doubt talking about a special GOP report that is about to be released. Then Adam asks Mark about any updates on his case trying to get justice for Daniel Shaver’s murder by Mesa Arizona police officers. After that, Adam asks Mark for a Chris Brown update. Before they wrap, Adam and Mark discuss what being on retainer means.